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D-NOW Weekend | January 19-21, 2018

When someone begins to follow Christ, God promises that they are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Their lives are turned completely upside-down. All of a sudden their words and actions have kingdom weight to them, they're adopted into a family where the God of the universe is their Father, and they're attached to Someone who actually knows their future and who knows them better than they know themselves. But sometimes Christians don't feel like their lives change that much. They face the same problems and struggle with the same temptations. People still disappoint them, and they still make mistakes.

The truth is, it takes time and effort for our lives to sync up with our new status as followers of Christ. Yes, when we follow Christ we are God’s children and have a completely new identity. But our bad habits and attitudes take some time to change. Our identity is new, but our heart, mind, strength, and soul are still being renewed. That’s what D-NOW 2018 is all about: the ways God slowly changes our lives to reflect the fact that we are disciples of Christ.

Cost: $45 ($20 discount if registered by December 10th | $10 if by December 31st)

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For more info, click here for Frequently Asked Questions or contact Jeremy Hudson